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Bob Backlund Interview - Wrestling 101
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When I then won the WWWF Championship Harley Race was the NWA champion at the same time and we a 60-minute title v title match which ended in a draw, but that was a great match. I also got to wrestle Antonio Inoki who was the NWF World Champion ...

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WrestleMania I: An Oral History
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It had to work.” Roddy Piper: “Muhammad Ali was announced as the special referee. I'd done one thing with him before—in 1976, when he was building up his (boxer vs. wrestler) match with Antonio Inoki. We were in the ring in Los Angeles, and he ...
5 Moves of News: WrestleMania 29 Weekend EditionDen of Geek (US)

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Led by the industry's greatest star, Antonio Inoki, they fought hard against that perception. Inoki cherished the illusion of legitimacy. When he broke from the wrestling establishment one of his first moves was to import Karl Gotch, a man the Japanese ...

TNA Impact Results für den 28.03.2013
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Nach oben - Zu Favoriten hinzufügen - Kommentar abgeben / Forum besuchen. Was war früher? Vor 33 Jahren am 13.04.1980: Antonio Inoki besiegte Tiger Jeet Singh und gewann den UWA World Heavyweight Title. FAQ-Thread ...

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WWE should induct Poffo family into the Hall of Fame (blog)
Savage entered into the Hall of Fame that year with Evan Lewis, Wladek Zbyszko, Billy Graham, Chief Jay Strongbow, Paul Orndorff, Don Curtis, Mark Lewin, Antonio Inoki, Donna Christianello, Captain Lou Albano and Hank Garrett. Angelo Poffo was ...

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Ask 411 Wrestling 03.21.13: Andre the Giant, Lou Albano, Japan ...
In fact, he may also have had a grudge against the Fed because, according to some rumors, a call from Antonio Inoki to Vince McMahon after some bad blood between Inoki and Maeda resulted in Maeda being used primarily as a job guy during his North ...

Seven Strange MMA Match-Ups Nobody Could Have Seen Coming
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Widely regarded as the granddaddy of modern MMA, the fight between Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki showcased the talents of the iconic American boxer and legendary Japanese wrestler in a 15-round draw that has since been heavily disputed.

Antonio Inoki (アントニオ猪木), de son vrai nom Kanji Inoki (猪木寛至 Inoki Kanji, né le 20 février 1943 à Yokohama) est un ancien catcheur japonais, véritable icône en son pays, maintenant retiré du combat mais toujours actif en tant que promoteur. Son nom de scène est inspiré d'Antonino Rocca, un catcheur professionnel. Il réside actuellement à New York. Il pratiquait le combat libre aussi.

Palmarès: il a été une fois champion de la IWGP World Heavyweight Championship.

Lorsqu'il pratiquait le catch, il mesurait environ 1 m 90 et pèsait 102 kg.

  • All Japan Pro Wrestling
  • AJPW All Asia Tag Team Championship avec Michiaki Yoshimura (2) et Kintaro Ohki (1)
  • Japan Wrestling Association
  • JWA 11th Annual League
  • NWA International Tag Team Championship avec Shohei Baba
  • NWA Big Time Wrestling
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship 1 fois
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship (Texas version) 1 fois avec Duke Keomuka
  • NWA Hollywood Wrestling
  • NWA United National Championship 1 fois
  • NWA Mid-America
  • NWA World Tag Team Championship (Mid-America version) 1 fois avec Hiro Matsuda
  • National Wrestling Federation
  • NWF Heavyweight Championship 3 fois
  • New Japan Pro Wrestling
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship Premier champion
  • NWA North American Tag Team Championship (Los Angeles/Japan version) 2 fois avec Seiji Sakaguchi
  • WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship 1 fois
  • NJPW Annual World League 1974
  • NJPW Annual World League 1975
  • NJPW Annual MSG League 1978
  • NJPW Annual MSG League 1979
  • NJPW Annual MSG League 1980
  • NJPW Annual MSG League 1981
  • NJPW IWGP League 1984 w
  • NJPW IWGP League 1986
  • NJPW IWGP League 1976
  • NJPW Annual MSG Tag League 1980 avec Bob Backlund
  • NJPW Annual MSG Tag League 1982 with Hulk Hogan
  • NJPW Annual MSG Tag League 1983 with Hulk Hogan
  • NJPW Annual MSG Tag League 1984 with Tatsumi Fujinami
  • NJPW Japan Cup Tag Team League 1986 avec Yoshiaki Fujiwara
  • NJPW Japan Cup Six Man Elimination Tag League 1988 avec Riki Chōshū & Kantaro Hoshino
  • NJPW Pre-Japanese Championship
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • WCW Hall of Fame
  • World Wide Wrestling Federation
  • WWWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship 1 fois
  • Universal Wrestling Federation
  • UWA Heavyweight Championship 1 fois